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Back To Your Home

Now that we have touched on some of the other things you should be keeping your eye on when trying to maximize your home’s value, we can go back to the most important factors to keep your emphasis on.

Keep your options open and express your wants & needs

coneOur last two topics discussed sticking to the professionals when it comes to getting your house presentable to any potential buyers and we really can’t stress this enough to our clients.

Put yourselves in the shoes of a home buyer when you are flipping through the seemingly endless amount of choices you will have when it comes to professional contractors and home renovation companies.

What kinds of things would you be looking for when you first pull up to potentially one of the biggest and most important investments you will ever make? These are the things you need to clearly express to any companies that you hire.

Are they willing to work with what you want?

Do they understand exactly what you are looking for?

Is there any hesitation from the contractors in regards to the work that you want done?

These are the sort of things you should be paying attention to when it comes to doing such important work for you and your home. Click here for another team of roofers that we have been recommending to clients for years and have had nothing but success stories come from them. Don’t ever be afraid to pass on a company if you notice any red flags start popping up.

Your Turn

Much like the principles and the other ideas that we mentioned on our first few posts, there are a few things that you, as a buyer OR seller, should keep in mind in regards to the value of your home.

Communicate your needs clearly and concise

As we briefly mentioned before, we here at Lewis Clark Real Estate listen very intently and carefully to our clients needs and do everything we can to cater to them all.

lewisThe same sort of idea should also always apply to whoever you are hiring to do the work on your home, whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned seller. There are a number of contractors that you will be in charge of hiring (unless you plan on doing the heavy lifting on your own or with the help of friends) and they should be willing to do everything they can to meet your needs and expectations.

The exterior of a home is going to be the first thing that any buyer or seller will see so it is imperative that you don’t hold back when telling your contractor exactly what you want.  When hiring a roofing contractor like the one shown here that we have been in business with for years for example, use your intuition to weed through your options and never be afraid to move on to the next one if you aren’t feeling 100% comfortable and confident.

You are going to be faced with a number of potential companies and independent contractors so be ready with a list of questions and things that you can’t live without to help speed the process up.