About Us

Most of us go to work and spend 40 hours more or less, earning our keep. Unless you’re on the night shift, you report in the morning and leave late afternoon. You then go home and have dinner with family or friends or maybe run errands or shop. You work hard but with the confines of a schedule that allows for some sort of break in your work week.

There is no such thing as a 40 hour work week for a busy agent. Real Estate agents are on call 24/7. Why do they do this? For one thing, it’s an emotionally satisfying profession and one that requires a considerable amount of skill. However, helping someone through the complicated process can be a lot of time consuming hard work.

Agents must successfully complete many hours of classes and continuing education on a number of subjects, from marketing to mortgage options. To represent you, they must earn a license and keep it current and up to date. Your Realtor must also keep abreast of the subtle changes in the market such as interest rates and the ever changing variety of mortgage possibilities.

By the time the move is over, a good agent will feel like a part of your family — and hopefully, will remain a friend for life.


Lewis Clark Real Estate